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Professional HCG Diet Injections Legal Human Growth Hormones Bodybuilding
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What is the differences between the 5000IU and the 2000IU Mixing kits
There are 2 different size kits because the bigger hCG Ampoules/Vials (5000IU-10,000IU) require a bigger sterile mixing vial in order to mix and store hCG a large 5000IU - 10,000IU Ampoules/Vials. The 5000-10000 kits will come with 30 cc sterile storage vials and the 2000IU kits will contain multiple 10 cc sterile vials for mixing multiple 2000IU Ampoules/Vials. There is a small advantage with the smaller size 2000IU Ampoules/Vials of hCG because it doesnt have to be stored for long time after its mixed, its always better to mix the smaller Ampoules/Vials of hCG and use them one at a time before mixing another one, this guarantees that your mixed hCG remains potent because you wont be storing it in the refrigerator as long. The 10,000IU Ampoules/Vials size is good for couples who will share the mixed container. Mixed hCG should not be stored longer than 40 days.



How much Weight will I lose?
Women don’t always lose the weight as fast as men. If you are carrying more than 50 lbs of fat, then its normal to lose more weight per day compared to someone who is closer to their ideal weight. The average weight loss results are still incredible even at .6 pounds a day for a women and a pound a day for a man. Some people have lost more than the average. We do not inflate the weight loss numbers so please feel confidant and calculate your hCG dosage needs according to your personal weight loss goals and average lost per day, depending on your sex, and how much weight you need to lose.

Injections or the Oral (sublingual) method
There are two methods of getting the required daily dosage of hCG.

Injecting hCG with a small insulin syringe is the surest way of getting the right dosage. I know most people are intimidated when it comes to needles and shots because sometimes in our lives we all have had shots that didn’t feel good, so why would we ever go there again?  This is the main root causes that has made most people afraid or dislike injections. But the truth is we can not group all injections and syringes as painful because there are too many variables like needle size and type. My point is once you have done one subcutaneous injection with a high quality insulin syringe you will be totally surprised on how easy and painless it really is, dont believe me? Ask any diabetic what it like is to inject yourself with a good quality insulin syringe (the only type we sell), It’s really painless. I started my hCG diet with the oral method because I thought why give myself injections if the sublingual method works. After three weeks of sublingual method I wanted to experience what the injection was like. I practiced holding the insulin syringe and got the technique of a quick jab down by practicing with an orange. I finally built up the nerve to give myself the subcutaneous injection in my belly fat. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not even feel the syringe enter with the quick jab. I became a pro and finished the diet by taking injections. You can ask any diabetic about their first injections and I know they will share a similar intimidation story. After experiencing both methods, I would not recommend the oral method because trying to hold a tiny amount hCG liquid under your tongue still for 15 minutes was not that easy for me. I could never be sure if the hCG was still under my tongue after a few minutes, and I would always be wondering how much hCG I really absorbed. Now that I have tried both ways I will always recommend the injection method over the oral method because I personally know its easy, painless and more precise. You will use half as much HCG compared to the oral method, and you can lose more weight with injections because you will have more control on getting a precise hCG daily dosage. If youre still scared of needles or if its not legal to purchase needles in your state with out a prescription than you should do the sublingual (oral) method. Sublingual does work; I lost 25lbs in my first 3 weeks doing sublingual hCG but the oral method does require double the amount of hCG and it will take 30 to 40 minutes of your time each day compared to one simple fast injection in the morning.

How much hCG should I use or inject?
Dr. Simeons dosage is 125 IU to 175 per day
Kevin Trudeau book says 175 IU - 200 IU Per day
Some hCG Diet clinics  are using up to 250 IU Per day; most people start at 175IU per day and adjust up or down from there. Most will use a subcutaneous injection in the belly in between the belt line and belly button and alternate from side to side for injections. This is an area which will cause no pain or sting because its mostly fat tissue.


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